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Shot 8 Times: A dream, a promise, & a miracle.

I’ve been sharing about the comfort that God sends through dreams all week long, but today I’m going to share the very best example of comfort from God.

My friend Kathleen Elliott has a very accurate prophetic gift. She’s never met me but has shown up in my inbox with messages from God that could have ONLY come from God. And for me to say that is huge because there are a TON of false prophets in the world and I am very skeptical. But she’s been so accurate about things that she couldn’t possibly know, I don’t doubt anything that she says anymore.

Last week she shared this dream with me:

Hey butterfly had a dream seem like the conclusion of a previous dream ,I was in a room with two men one I assumed to be CHRIST and the other was trying to kill me,he shot me several times with a handgun I could literally feel the bullets enter my body as I was falling to the floor I looked at Jesus who never moved when I hit the floor the assailant began to rejoice that he had killed me,dancing around jubilantly then the man whom I took to be Jesus reached down and touched me and I got up( hallelujah) the assailant saw that I was alive and grew very angry grabbed a shotgun and aimed at me I grew scared because I knew that the bullets would hurt going I’m I held up my hands to deflect the bullets as he fired a shot into my back blowing a giant hole in my back then firing again and again as I fell to the ground again the Lord touched me and I rose up..I woke up!

A week later, she messaged me and said, “That dream wasn’t about me, my son was just shot seven times! PLEASE PRAY!”

I replied, “He got up!!!”

“Oh yes! yes he did!!! I feel better!”

Then, I prayed, ‘Father God, please take his hand and raise him up, in Jesus name!!!’

Then, to Kathleen, I said, ‘Say the ending again. Meditate on that every second. I’m here for you. Any time day or night. Don’t forget. This ends with him getting up. Hold onto that.’

She replied, ‘Okay. I’m rereading it now.’

In the end, her son, Jeremy, was shot the same number of times as she was in the dream. Everything that Kathleen felt and experienced in the dream happened to her son one week later, and it happened exactly as the dream foretold. Jeremy was shot the same number of times, and one of the shots was in the hand when he held it up exactly as Kathleen did in the dream.

Two things happened.

One, Our comforter showed her in advance so that she could have comfort through a terrible storm! God sent the dream in advance so that the moment that it happened Kathleen would know what the dream meant so that she would have divine comfort from God. And she did! Kathleen has been recording her dreams for years and, because of past experience, she believed the dream and was able to have instant comfort from God.

The second thing, more importantly, was that God showed her that Jeremy didn’t just survive on his own because he was lucky, God showed her that it was because He saved Jeremy. It wasn’t just dumb-luck that Jeremy survived, God intervened. The whole thing beginning to end was miraculous. Kathleen saw exactly what was going to happen in advance and God was there with her every step of the way.

In the end, the doctor told Jeremy that his survival was nothing short of a miracle.

If you do not pay attention to the messages that God sends and try to understand them, you will miss out on this kind of comfort when you need it.

Jeremy was shot EIGHT times but he did not die because our God promised his mama through a dream that He would save him!

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