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Is it a nightmare or something more?

While learning to understand my dreams, one of the first things that I learned was that not all dreams are about me, and your dreams are probably not always about you – even if it is all about you in the dream. Instead, what seems like nightmares can turn out to be someone else’s future.

When I first began to diligently record my dreams, I began to notice that the stories in the news were eerily similar to my recent dreams. In fact, they weren’t just similar, they were identical, and many times word-for-word. On top of that, the timing between my dreams and the actual events was also astounding. From a very early age, I remember having a dream and then reading the exact same thing in the news only days later.

Imagine being able to experience someone else’s life for just a moment. Movies like ‘Switch’ help us to imagine switching bodies with other people and living life for a short time in someone else’s shoes. This happens in dreams. Some people, like me and many others, experience the lives of others for a very brief moment in their dreams. For as long as I can remember, I would have very vivid dreams that seemed like nightmares and then, I would read the exact same things in the news very shortly afterward. My earliest memory of this happening was when I was barely eight years old. I dreamed of a tornado going down one side of the street and flattening every single house while leaving the opposite side of the street untouched. Days later, I saw the exact same thing on the front page of our local newspaper. This continued to happen over and over again but I chalked the similarities up to coincidence.

But then I learned that the Bible says that dreams are the most common form of communication between God and man. Once I learned that God sends dreams and visions to his people, I began to record every detail and I noticed that my dreams were not just sort of similar to the news stories that soon followed, most of the time they were identical.

After a few months of recording my dreams (and seeing them become news stories shortly after), there was no doubt that my nightmares were the stuff of future news stories, they were actual events that would happen to people days or weeks after I dreamed of them.



One night not long after I began posting my dreams, I was asleep and had a vision of the ocean. It didn’t feel like I was in my body; I was just hovering above the sea, looking at massive waves tossing huge cargo ships as though they were tiny little toys.

The extraordinary thing about this “dream” was that it was crystal clear. It was clearer than real life.

Headline News, Five Days Later: Ships tossed like toys and Massive Delays in Hurricane’s Wake

The hurricane that I saw in my sleep was named Katrina. The day that I published this post to Yahoo! Groups, Katrina became a hurricane. Four days later, Katrina hit New Orleans.

Ships Tossed Like Toys

One could assume that tossing ships like toys and delays are common elements of every hurricane news story but the delays caused by Katrina were and still are one of Katrina’s most significant impacts on the gulf coast.

Katrina tossed ships and caused massive delays in every area; namely, in getting control of the looting and chaos, housing delays, and also delays in providing food, water, electricity, and help of every other kind. The delays were of such magnitude that they were worthy of news headlines.

A screenshot of the headlines:


No storm since Katrina has had the unique issue or coverage of the numerous delays caused by this monster hurricane, and it was more than three years after Katrina struck New Orleans that another news article described a hurricane ‘tossing ships.’

Rather than being common details, the details of Katrina were very significant and unique to this particular storm – and the timing was off the chain.

A Dream of Fleeing Catastrophic Danger

The shock and awe of Katrina had still not worn off when a similar thing happened a couple of weeks later when I woke up from a dream that we were running away from our home in fear of something that we thought would destroy our property. We didn’t take much with us, and we hoped that what we had left behind would be covered by insurance.

Ten Days Later Came A News Story with the Exact Same Situation: Mass Exodus as Millons Flee Taking Little Ahead of Hurricane Rita

Once again, shortly after, the news reported exactly what I experienced in my dreams. Merely days later, the largest mass exodus in United States history occurred when millions fled Houston in anticipation of Hurricane Rita. I experienced exactly how these people would feel, and I understood what they were going through. Those who fled Hurricane Rita were hoping that insurance would pay for their property.

Tornado Threatening My Family in Florida

Then, two weeks later, it happened again.

Less than two weeks after this dream, Hurricane Wilma spawned a dozen tornadoes in Florida, with one tornado touching down on Merritt Island where my family lived. Exactly as the dream foretold, this tornado went right over them.

Every element in this dream, including my concern of flying projectiles, were specific news quotes, including Hurricane Wilma being described as the equivalent of a massive tornado.

Tornado causes damage in Cocoa

A tornado spawned by Hurricane Wilma ripped the roof off a downtown Cocoa business and damaged an orchid nursery on Merritt Island tonight.

The twister first hit the El Charro’s restaurant near the Cocoa and Rockledge border at about 9:45 p.m., then retreated to the sky, said Kimberly Prosser of the Brevard Emergency Operations Center. The funnel was spotted near the State Road 520 bridge over the Indian River. It touched down again on Merritt Island before swirling into the Atlantic Ocean.

— Erin Cox, Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer

After these three dreams and the recollection of others that I had had over the years, I realized that I was experiencing the future of other people in my dreams. I felt all the emotions that they would feel, and I saw or went through the same things that they would soon experience at night while I slept.

If you remember a dream clearly, it’s prophetic so pray and keep your eyes open. It may just lead to a miracle!

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