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Signing two papers of Money in bank

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Praise Father God.

In the night coming to Morning day light, while I slept on my Bed, I saw in a dream while am in a Bank, I happenned to be receiving money from two senders. 

I saw a man who entered and I knew him and later I saw my dad on the window of the Bank and later he came in but I continued signing the papers. 

I remember seeing on the papers the space where the banker told me to write the Word "Dividend Rwakyibwana" as the last time I received money and later I saw on the paper and there was a space were I would write the Expirely date. I took time filling the paper and was already given too much money from bank and I gave some little to the man who was standing next to me before my Dad showed up. Later I got out of the dream. The feeling I got was that I was brought to a high financial Breakthrough and felt Good. There was Joy all over. I heard people in Bank saying that is too much money 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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