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June πŸ’“

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Praise Our Heavenly FATHER.Β 

This Month of June is a special Month to me. It's the Month in which I met my Mentor, Mummy and My God mother. The truth is that I had lost hope and meaning of life as there was Covid19 in our Country and The hope of a better future was no more.Β 

When I met my Mother ( Mia) in 2021 she taught me how to Listen believe and Follow God in my Dreams. I have come to realize that indeed God Speaks though many times we don't Percieve it. Many are the ways That God speaks, but I find dreams to be one of the best ways. With a series of Dream Symbols which I learnt, I have come to realize that God indeed speaks. And as we pray, he Answers. I have seen most of my Dreams turn into miracles.Β 

The truth I could get dreams and they come to pass minus writting them on site. The Most important thing I have learnt is that as We Listen believe and Follow God, we live a better life though sometimes when we fail to understand our clear message from God, we find some kind of Struggles. That is when we choose to do things our own way not following the Right way of God..Β 


Not only Has MiaΒ  interpreted my Dreams, but has also taught me to interpret them and Several times helped me in life not Forgetting my Elder Sister Jesse 💞💝

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