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Flammable: No Smoking


My daughter and I were in a dream together. She was pouring flammable liquid into a cup and we were both holding cigarettes. Then, she spilled the flammable liquid all over the floor. To which, I said, “Make sure you soak that down with water!”

The day before I had this dream, I remembered this story:


For the life of me, I cannot remember where this story came from, I had it in a post from 12 years ago. So, if anyone knows the source, please let me know who this belongs to so that I can attribute it properly.

I had not spoken to my younger brother in years. He was bitter,
angry, and wanted nothing to do with the things of God. Since I had
given my life to Christ and become a missionary he not only avoided
me but turned on me as though I were his enemy.

My heart longed for his salvation. I grieved over his anger toward
God but at the same time, I could understand. He lost his child and
was angry at even the faintest thought of a God. Once when I had
tried to share the gospel he said, “If there was a God He could have
saved my son but He didn’t.”

Time didn’t change his feelings and only served to widen the breach
between us so much so that I had not heard from him in a decade.

One night I had a dream, I dreamed that my brother had died and gone
to hell. In the dream, he had gone to hell because I had not reached
out to him at exactly the moment that God prompted me to because he
had become angry and ignored me so many times before.

I did nothing when I awoke but for days the dream would not go away
until finally, I decided to sit down and write my brother a letter.
If he went to hell it would not be my fault, I would have done all I
could. I wrote and told him about my dream and told him that I was
taking the time to tell him because I loved him and even if he again
became angry and continued to ignore me I would sleep well at night
knowing I did what I could. Then, I mailed the letter and forgot
about it.

One week later, I received a phone call. It was my brother. In
tears. He had received my letter the same day that he had a dream.
Before my letter had arrived that day he woke up from a terrifying
dream. Only, his dream was slightly different. In his dream, he also
went to hell but he went to hell because he didn’t act when he
received my letter.

My brother called to tell me that at the very moment that he finished
reading my letter he dropped to his knees and accepted God. He was
calling to thank me for helping to save his soul.

I cannot describe the peace that flooded my soul when I received a call and was told that he died two days later.

This story held a very poignant message. When there is any chance that your dream can help someone, share it. Don’t worry about sounding like a fruit cake (I have). Just share. The potential benefit outweighs the risk.

But at first, I thought the dream was a symbolic dream about something else because I don’t smoke. And after thinking it was symbolic, I forgot about it and went about my day.

Some time went by and I was reminded of the dream and the story, and I feel God speaking to my heart telling me, It’s about her welfare. Call her.

So, I called her and said, “Jesse, I had a dream that you were pouring some flammable liquid into a cup and the stuff spilled all over the floor. I was in the dream with you and you and I were both holding a cigarette.”

She said, “I’m pouring paint thinner into a cup right now.”

I was suddenly alarmed and said, “ARE YOU SMOKING!?!?!?!?”

She said, “No. I just put a cigarette out.”

“Whew.” I breathed a sigh of relief.

I said, “Hm. That’s weird because I was in the dream with you and I had a cigarette.”

She said, “Jenny was just smoking, too.”

I said, “Is she smoking now?”

She said, “No.”

Suddenly she said, “I’ve got to go!” and she was gone.

Later that day, she called me back and said, “Mom, you aren’t going to believe this. While we were talking, I could feel my eyes suddenly grew wide as I realized that I was pouring this highly flammable liquid, which was smelling up the room, with Aunt Chrissy standing right behind me with a lit cigarette. So, I ran out of the room AND THEN one of my employees took the paint thinner out back to clean some tools AND SPILLED IT ALL OVER THE PORCH!”

My advice in the dream was: SOAK THAT DOWN WITH WATER! And that’s exactly what they did with the spill.

GLORY, GLORY, GLORY, Glory to the LIVING GOD! He urged me at the exact moment I saw in my dream, in perfect timing to warn my daughter of danger from 1,100 miles away.

The ending was perfect because GOD.

I pray for my daughter’s protection all the time and I rest and take comfort that God is on the job doing what I cannot do! I just cannot get over how great He is at being GOD!

Glory to the LIVING GOD!

And for those that think that it takes an open flame to ignite flammable liquids or vapors, please read this!

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  1. God indeed Speaks. What a caring God he Is. It’s such a blessing indeed. His Blessing makes Rich and Adds no Sorrow to it. Am greatly Inspired in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen Hallelujah ??

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