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“H” – The Most Accurate Dream Symbols

In order to be the most accurate dream site in the world, we have limited our dream symbol dictionary to only include dream symbols that we have seen manifest in real-life firsthand and Biblical dream symbols that have been defined in the Bible.

Dream symbols that begin with the letter “H”

Hair – Holiness.

Hands – unclean, sin.  Clean – Holy.

Hanging from your fingertips – Hanging on during a crisis.  Did you hang on or did you fall?

Headboard -symbolic of a bed and related to physical intimacy.

Healing – Lack of Injury, no permanent damage, Healing.

Hole – Having something fall into a huge crater represents losing a personal belonging.  Can be a stumbling block.

Honey – blessings, promise, sensual attachments, something that is sweet and pleasant, seeking too much honey means you are too ambitious (Prov 25:27)

Horizon – Seeing something on the horizon represents something is coming because it is perceptible but not yet present.  In other words,  it will happen soon.  

Horn – blowing: following is heeding the call.

House –   Going to someone else’s house: a social encounter via phone, Internet, etc., who owns the house?  

Grandparent’s house – related to a grandparent,

Mother’s house – related to mother,  I had a dream of a tree full of nuts growing in my mother’s kitchen.  Shortly thereafter she received a large, unexpected sum of money.

Family house – Being inside a house owned by family – family life. I had a dream that I was in my grandparent’s house which I haven’t been for years and years.  I cried when I went to the house.  While in the house I was bit by a dog.   What happened in real life:   I spoke to my grandfather for the first time in years – and I cried.  Within an hour or two of speaking with him, I had an acute attack of kidney infection which was the dog bite.  It happening in his house was that it happened on the same day that I spoke to him.

See Buildings for more.

Housewarming presents – Prophecy of moving.   I gave moving gifts to my cousin and her mother in a dream.  Within 3 months they had both moved.

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