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Demon Dreams

Accident – A car (or plane, etc.) accident in a dream can mean a literal accident but it can also represent your life. I had a dream once about a single-person plane crashing on church property. The next day a woman fell on church property and broke her arm.

A car often represents you in your daily travels. A car crash dream could represent any type of accident or it could represent a problem that prevents you from moving forward.

Airplane – Can represent your body (For example, A small plane with one person out of control and crashing can represent a person falling), can represent a ministry, or a literal airplane.

Animals, insects, serpents, etc.  

What is the animal doing in the dream?  If it is attacking, this is a message of a coming attack.

If it is biting it could mean an injury or affliction to the area of the body that was bitten.

Animals can represent people. Especially cats and dogs. Note the color of the animal. If it is white or brown or black this often is symbolic of skin color.

Whose animal is this?  It could be an attack by the owner.  IE.  Jeffrey’s dog is shown in a dream acting like a wild dog.  Reality = Jeffrey was acting like an animal.

What kind of animal?  Animals in dreams often represent a problem.  What kind of animal is often indicative of where the problem will occur.  Shark – problem on the water or with a boat.  

Alligator – False or lies. Fear of harm, Florida, problem, symbolic attack, physical threat, Leviathan, powerful enemy.

Ants – Industrious, pest, relatively amazing strength, bugs (computer bugs), someone bugging you.

Arrow – Demonic attack, mostly doubts aka dart.

Automobile – most often a car is a symbol for what happens in our waking life.  Look at what the action is and what your response to the action is. Your response or feeling will usually define the situation. If something happens in your car it is likely to happen soon in your waking life. For example:  Driving from the backseat unable to reach the brakes can be a life out of control. Driving backward can mean going about something the wrong way. A person driving around and not finding a parking spot anywhere could mean a person who does not fit in anywhere.

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