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Snake Dream Symbol

What does it mean to dream about snakes?


When we see a snake in a dream we must first determine if the snake is a symbolic snake or an actual snake, and we often do this by the appearance of the snake.

Symbolic Snakes vs. Actual Snakes

When a snake is a symbol for something other than a snake, the snake’s appearance will be unusual and prominent in the dream. Conversely, when the snake is a symbol, its appearance is muted, often in grey or other drab colors. Generally, in dreams featuring a real-life snake, the snake’s appearance will be the spotlight.

The exception to this is the size of the snake, which can signify the magnitude of the problem it is foretelling.

Foretelling Encounters

When a snake in your dream foretells a future encounter with an actual snake, it will typically resemble a real snake in the dream, often without further details.

Interpreting Snake Dreams

Snakes are almost always related to upcoming trials, major problems, and/or demonic attacks.

Examples of Dreams Interpreted

Snake Having Trouble Swallowing

I saw a snake. I was trying to keep it away from me by swinging around some kind of long cloth. It grabbed a bird to eat but it couldn’t eat it. It was having trouble eating it because of the wings laying out flat. So it got some kitchen sheers and cut off the wings to make it easier to swallow. I didn’t see it do this obviously because snakes can’t really use scissors.


This dream preceded a trip to the emergency room because I swallowed a huge pill which became stuck in my throat – just like the bird in the dream which the snake couldn’t swallow without help.

Snake in My Garden

Then, I see two more snakes come into my garden and I chase them off (they are afraid of me).


This dream came during I time when I was seriously ill with a stomach problem. I had been to the hospital twice and still didn’t have a cure because the doctor’s were clueless. The dream represented being healed – I chased the snakes out of the garden meaning the sicknesses left my stomach. This dream was VERY GOOD news during a very stressful time. I had lost over 35 pounds and really couldn’t afford to lose any more weight.

Dog with a Snake

I dreamed of my dog carrying two snakes in the house in his mouth. He put the snakes in bed with me. I did not move because I was afraid they would bite me.


Within 4 months my 2-year-old dog had died after 2 trips to the vet. I was afraid that whatever the disease the dog had might be communicable but it wasn’t.

Snakes at Work

I had a dream about 4 snakes in the rafters at my work. They were big, fat ugly snakes.


Within 5 weeks I had four VERY serious problems at work.

A Response from Mia to a Dream Submission for Interpretation

Hello Mia,

I had a dream last night of a snake in my home. The dog was barking & the kids were trying to quiet it. I began this speech about the dog barking for a reason and we needed to determine the reason. At that moment, one of the boys held up a hand and as my eyes followed his arm, I noticed a snake stretched out over the doorway. I said sort of an I told you so & the snake fell onto the floor, I called a male neighbor, the snake crawled into a hole that I was not aware was in the wall while the was looking for something to use to kill the snake. He advised me to have my husband start a small fire and smoke the snake out of my home. What do you think? I am so afraid of snakes that this one shook me.


Hi P.S.,

Whenever I see a snake in my dreams it almost ALWAYS reflects a problem and not an actual snake. It also seems that whatever the snake is touching or where the snake is in the dream gives an idea as to the problem area.

Look at the symbolism in this dream. The snake is over your door. Would a snake be over your door in real life? Probably not.

Also, your neighbor points out that your husband could fix the problem. It’s something your husband can fix.

Both might point to a problem in your house that needs fixing – literally. What needs smoking out that could be in your walls? Maybe it’s bees. But whatever it is I would think it is in your house or something else but not a real snake.

Hope it helps and keep us updated!

Dream Symbol: Snakes (Biblical Perspective)

In biblical interpretation, snakes carry profound symbolism, often embodying themes of cunning, deceit, and temptation. Their initial appearance in the Garden of Eden, where the serpent entices Eve to consume the forbidden fruit, serves as a pivotal moment leading to humanity’s fall. Throughout the biblical narrative, snakes are closely associated with Satan, depicted as a serpent in Genesis.

Encountering a snake in a dream from a biblical standpoint can serve as a potent symbol of spiritual warfare, moral trials, or the presence of malevolent influences. Such dreams may serve as warnings, urging vigilance against deceit and emphasizing the importance of resisting temptation.

However, it’s essential to recognize that snakes in biblical contexts also carry potential for healing and transformation. Examples abound, such as Moses’ staff transforming into a snake as a manifestation of God’s power during the Exodus. Furthermore, Jesus employs the serpent as a metaphor for his own death and subsequent resurrection, symbolizing redemption and renewal.

In essence, the biblical symbolism surrounding snakes in dreams is rich and multifaceted, encompassing the dangers of spiritual deception as well as the promise of divine intervention and restoration.

Genesis 3:1-6, Matthew 10:16, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Numbers 21:8-9, John 3:14-15, Revelation 12:9, Matthew 23:33, Genesis 49:17, Psalm 58:4-5

Note from Mia: In 20 years of dream interpretation, and after reading thousands of dreams, snakes have always meant a problem or have been a literal dream foretelling an actual encounter with a snake.

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