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Animal Dream Symbol


  • If they are attacking they are a threat to your health.
  • If the actions in the dream represent actions of a
    human, they represent people; either others or
  • They can also represent pets and regular animals.
  • Pets – Can be or represent pet projects.  Areas of
    responsibility that are near and dear to your heart.  
    The bigger the animal, the bigger the project.  
    Handing over the leash can be handing over the reins.

Our website is different than most when it comes to some of
symbols because we only post those which have been
confirmed.  Some websites mention animals representing
emotions but we have had no interpretations which validate
that theory nor do we have any to disprove it therefore we
are leaving out that information.

Small animals often represent children:  Birds, mice, kittens
and puppies can all represent children.

Other animals can, and often do, represent people;
especially cats, dogs, and marine life.   When marine life
represents people it is often in the context of a spiritual
dream.  In this case, fish, frogs, octopus and virtually any
marine animal you can think of can symbolize a person.

If you are afraid of the animal and it is attacking you it is
foretelling a physical threat.  If you are afraid and it is not
attacking you but it is menacing, it is foretelling a fear of a
physical threat which you may experience in reality.

The important thing to remember when interpreting a dream
with animal symbols is to look first at your emotions in the
dream, next look at the actions of the animal.  

Example Dream One

I went downstairs and walked past a huge fish tank, bigger
than mine and it had an Oscar in it that didn’t look so
healthy. Then, I woke up the dog somehow, who didn’t know
me and naturally became defensive and bit my wrist.
Actually, it was still holding onto my wrist when I started
freaking out for Johnny to get off the couch and stop it.
Then, another dog started lopping toward me and this dog
was even bigger than the first. I turned the metal chair so
that it was between me and the bigger dog and really started
freaking for Johnny to do something.

Finally, he got up, the dog let go and the other dog didn’t
attack me. When I looked at my arm to see the damage I
noticed an oval purple mark on my wrist.

This dream preceded a kidney infection (dog number one)
followed by a reaction to the medicine (dog number two)
which was potentially worse (bigger dog) than the kidney

Example Dream Two – Cats symbolizes people

I keep on dreaming about this little cute black kitten…sweet-natured….and I just love it.  It
was being attacked by 3 big cats…i mean they attacked it so bad it didn’t have any
hair…this one cat, a big white one was the meanest one, like it was the ringleader it had
blood on its face……………the other two were grey, and black…and it was like they were
onlookers…i tried to get the kitten, but i couldn’t reach it…. I reached the white cat, and
just started punching it trying to protect the little kitten and i knocked it out, but i could tell
that it wasn’t out… a another scene i see the kitten laying there like it was almost
dead…hairless scratched up and bleeding and it get it, and it has hair again, and it opens
its eyes and looks at me, and its like i nurse it back to health in the next dream though, it
was healthy again, walking around, and it was like I was really enjoying this kitten, I was
hugging and cuddling it…and it is really sweet….

This dream represented a woman who had an abortion.  The three cats in the dream
represented the three medical personnel present during the abortion.  This black kitten
was a baby that was aborted.

 Black animals can symbolize death.  If you have a dream with a black animal in
it, the dream is a flag for prayer.  There is enough biblical evidence that God can be
moved to do something to avert a prophecy if people will humble themselves and ask.

Example:  Black Bear Attacking Son

A person driving around and not finding a parking spot anywhere could mean a person who does not fit in anywhere.

If you need expert help understanding your dreams, please ask Mia in our Dream Forum. Mia has been interpreting dreams for twenty years. She has a proven track record and has helped thousands of people understand their dreams.