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Tornado or Hurricane Storm / Ships / Mailbox

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It was daylight and I was in a small square building by the sea.  The building was so close to the shoreline that it needed to be raised up about 12 feet high and set on a deck so that the surf could pass under it. 

I was looking out to the ocean and I saw a storm coming.  The entire right side of my field of vision was a mass of storm clouds from sea level to the sky, the left was completely clear.  

I felt like it was a hurricane-like storm so I told my daughter that we had to prepare by hunkering down in the safest part of the building.

Instead of going with me to the safest part of the building, she was wasting time by pacing back and forth.  When I eventually realized that she wasn't going to listen to me and the storm was almost there, I took matters into my own hands by lifting her up and carrying her to a safe corner.  Then, I went and found a very very big thick sturdy castle-like trestle table and carried it over to the corner she was in to create a makeshift wall to save us from flying projectiles.

Next scene, it was night and I was on the beach in front of the building looking out over the ocean where I saw that the entire shoreline was filled with enormous black wooden ships (like from the pirates of the Caribbean).  They were all completely black.  The one directly in front of me was very unusual in that it had a huge dome sitting on the deck that was two to three times larger than the ship and in front of that on the beach was a mailbox.

I went inside and said that it was the most incredible thing I had ever seen.  The entire shoreline was filled with massive wooden ships that were blown in by the storm.

My father was intrigued so he went outside with me to look but by the time we went back out, all the ships had gone out and there were only a few smaller ships or boats off in the distance out on the ocean.


I help my daughter out with her painting company.  She was owed an enormous amount by one of her customers who was not paying their bills on time and it was creating a bit of stress (represented by the hurricane).

The black ships represent the phrase "her ship has come in" which represents riches arriving.  Black represents profit and not loss.  The big dome sitting on top of the ship was shaped like a beehive.  The mailbox represents the checks coming by mail.  All of the ships coming in and lining up the entire shoreline represent being paid all at once (or one right after the other like they were lined up on the shore.)

So I saw the storm coming, then it comes (this represents emotional stress). 

I take control of the situation somehow and we weather the storm.

Then, our ship comes in, and it's awesome to finally be paid.   At this point, there are only a few smaller invoices outstanding or off in the distance as they were on the sea.




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Currency usually means currency.

This dream came true exactly like I thought it would.

We had several problems with the company trying to overnight us a check.  The overnight envelope didn't come.  Three times it happened, we sent a label for overnight shipping and the envelope didn't come.

On Thursday, I saw a truck with the same kind of round dome on top and knew that it meant that the check would be coming next and it did.  The next day, the envelope arrived and just like the dream ALL of the outstanding invoices were paid at once.  

Thank you FATHER!

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