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Learning to Pray for Miracles

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Learning to Pray

For decades, I have experienced future news headlines at night in my sleep.

When I wake up, I write what happened online in my prayer-prophecy group, and then, very soon after, I read the same thing in the news headlines.

When I first began having dreams, I did not pray about the outcome of the dreams. I just wrote what I saw because I knew that every detail would soon match a future headline news story. If I dreamed about running from a natural disaster, the news would be about people running from a disaster. If I dreamed about people in a mountain forest fire, people were caught in a mountain forest fire days later. If I dreamed of a hurricane causing significant delays and tossing ships like toys, the same thing would happen almost immediately. Many of my dreams became headline news within days of publishing them.

After more than a year of documenting these things, God took me to the next level when He sent me a clear message that I needed to pray about the outcome of the dreams.

This dream was a good example of how God uses dreams to communicate messages.

As soon as I had this dream, my daughter's insistence that I "bless the road" made it obvious that I was supposed to pray about the outcome. So, I did. Then, I waited to hear of a miraculous ending.

Next-Level Ending

Less than a month after posting the dream, Tom came home from work and started telling me a story that was identical to this dream:

"Joe and I went to the store, and as we were waiting to go through customs, a white truck comes flying through at 70 miles per hour. Police try to stop him, and one guy gets his hand sliced open. Twelve police vehicles flew after this vehicle. The truck slams into the back of another vehicle at 70 mph. The force was so incredible I am sure any passengers in the vehicle died instantly." So, Joe (my husband's boss) runs over to a field to see if he can see what is going on!"

Suddenly, I'm thinking, I dreamed about this exact thing! So, I asked him, "Was the road newly paved?"

"What?" Tom asks, confused that I would ask this strange question in the middle of his story.

"A month ago, I had a dream exactly like this story, and in my dream, the road was newly paved."

"Wait a minute!" He gripes, "This is my story!"

Laughing, I replied. "Was the road newly paved or not?"

"Yes," he grumbles. "Now, can I finish my story?"

After he finished his story, I handed him a printout of this dream.

When he was finished reading, he said, "Well, we'll see. If that guy survived, it will be a miracle."

Then, he went on to assure me that there was no way a car could hit another vehicle with that much force and have anyone walk away.

But he did.

Miraculous Ending

The police officer who apprehended the man (who not only survived but ran away from the crash) said this:

"Many of us dream of being at the right place at the right time," Villescas said. "Today was one of those incidents. Fortunate for us, unfortunate for this individual."

The man not only survived but ran away! The miracle that I prayed for happened! I hoped for a miracle. I prayed for a miracle. Then, it happened, and it blew me away.

Until I had this dream, I hadn't prayed about the outcome of any of my dreams. To be honest, I didn't believe my prayers mattered, but I knew that God was using this dream to show me to pray. So, I prayed, and for the first time in the year since God had begun to show me the future, there was a miracle ending. By the time I had this dream, God had shown me dozens of news headlines before they happened but not one ended in a miracle. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that God used this dream to show me that I was missing it. Lesson Learned. These days, I pray, and now miracles happen.

This dream was the start of a miraculous prayer life. I followed the instructions to 'bless the road,' and ever since then, as you can see through the stories on this website, God has been turning prophetic dreams into legitimate miracles.

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