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Life Saving Prophecy from God

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The names have been changed to preserve the privacy of Karen and her family.

One night, I was awoken by the Holy Spirit early in the wee hours of the morning. He showed me a person who had a mouth full of nuts and bolts. Next, I saw a pot of very healthy, beautiful white daisies.

The Lord said the vision was for a friend of Karen who needed healing. I messaged Karen right away, and after a few minutes, she realized it was her uncle, who had recently been diagnosed with oral cancer who had decided not to have surgery.

The doctor’s pre-surgery prognosis was not good. They gave him a year without surgery, but even with the surgery he only had 2 – 3 years and was told that he wouldn’t be able to eat or talk. Their prognosis had caused him to give up on life.

Karen messaged her family and told them of the vision. The timing turned out to be remarkable. Only twelve hours prior, the family had a prayer meeting to decide what to do. The question was: surgery or no surgery.

Less than twelve hours later, God sent the vision.

Once I contacted Karen and explained what I had received from God, she immediately contacted her mother who rushed her off the phone so that she could tell the family of the prophetic word. Being big believers in prophecy they immediately decided to have the surgery.

Yesterday, Karen posted the following testimony in my prophecy group.

Testimony… ?? by Karen in Prophetic Round Table

My uncle was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. The Doctor told my family that the cancer was aggressively spreading and surgery was needed ASAP. The Doctors told my family that they would need to remove a bone from his jaw and his chances of talking and eating regular food was slim. The Doctors gave my uncle no hope for the future. My uncle immediately refused surgery and had pretty much given up on life.

I called my mother and she wasted no time (As Mia instructed).

I am rejoicing and thankful to share that my uncle followed the instructions, and his surgery was a success. The Doctors were amazed because they did not have to remove the bone from his jaw, and was successful in removing all of the cancer. In addition to that my uncle called my aunt and talked to her for over 30 minutes two weeks after the surgery. God is so faithful!!!! We are so thankful to God for the healing miracle that took place in my uncle.

Mia, my family sends their love, and gratitude for your prayers, and obedience to God. Thank you so much!!!


God is the Great Physician and many times He uses prophecy to lead people to the proper treatment. If he didn't immediately follow and have the surgery, the cancer would have truly been inoperable. When the doctor's told him that it was already too advanced to remove entirely, he had given up BUT GOD! God spoke and told them what to do and the result was the perfect example of faith.

Every Bible example of faith is also an example of knowing God and listening, believing, and following God's real word, the ones in your mind and in your heart.

Operating in the prophetic helps me to learn how God does things because I get to see the before, during, and after. Often, God reveals things that I have no natural knowledge of, then I see what God promises, and I see how it all unfolds when God delivers. Then, things in the bible make perfect sense. This story is an example.

One night, I was sleeping but woke up immediately when I heard God say, Any issue you face can be solved by listening, believing, and following. Then, He revealed Bible examples of what He meant.

When Mary wanted Jesus to make wine, she said to the servants, Whatever He tells you to do, do it.

Mary already knew that when we ask God for a miracle, He usually gives us a direction to follow. Her comment to the servants made it obvious that she was familiar with how God works. When she said, do whatever he tells you to do, it revealed that she was well acquainted with the main principle of faith: Listen, believe, and follow. She knew that the answer would be connected to following his command.

Mary's request for Jesus to make more wine was the first recorded miracle done through Jesus and it perfectly illustrates the blue print for following GOd in faith: Listen, believe and follow.

Whatever He tells you to do, do it.

When you need a miracle, ask, listen, believe, and follow, whatever He tells you to do. Because, more often than not, when we approach God for anything, He gives us an instruction to follow.

For example, many of the miracles that Jesus did were accompanied by commands: Stretch out your arm, get up and walk, and go wash. These are just a few examples of listening, believing, and following that resulted in receiving the answer to prayers.

When we read the stories of the miracles that Jesus did almost all were accompanied by a command to follow and each one was different. In each situation the command was different and unique to the situation. God doesn’t do things the same way every time, or even the same way twice much of the time. Instead, He does something unique in almost every situation because every person and situation is unique. When it comes to healing, sometimes He sends instant healing, other times, He tells a person to eat garlic or to have surgery. But the one thing that is always perfectly constant is the end result, it is always the same. When we follow God's instructions, He leads us to victory. When we seek Him and follow His instruction, He always provides a way of escape. When we follow God, we never lose.

Many people expect that if they didn't get sudden healing in a prayer line God didn't heal them but through seeing God work I've learned that many, many, many times God heals people when they seek Him for an answer and follow His direction.

Within this site are many examples of people being restored through following God's instructions for treatment. These stories reflect differing approaches to every problem. Sometimes, after all else has failed, people turn to God and He uses a natural treatment that works when nothing else would. God is the great physician, and He works through His creations, including plants and people. Other times, He has led people to have medical treatment which worked when it looked impossible. I've also seen Him raise people from brain death when the doctors have said there was no hope and nothing could be done. The key lies in knowing Him and following.

This following story is a perfect example of faith.

God told Karen's uncle what to do and promised good results IF he followed. If he didn’t follow, and chose not to go through the surgery based on the doctor's report, he would have died. But because he followed God, the ending turned out to be better than anyone ever expected. The doctors took out ALL of the cancer. They were amazed that they were ABLE to get all of the cancer.

If you were one of the Israelites who found yourself with the Red Sea in front, and Pharoah's army behind, you wouldn’t have a testimony if you did not follow God through the scary sea. We all think how easy it would be to walk through the sea but I think more than one person thought, What if the sea closes back up before I get through?

What if they were too afraid to follow the cloud into the parted sea? God provided an escape, but only those who followed prospered by it. If Karen's uncle didn't listen right then, before the cancer spread, he wouldn't have a testimony but he did exactly what faith is: He listened, he believed, and he followed God's promise and instructions.

Our walk with God is based upon our using our free will to follow His leading. Walking with God in a world at spiritual war is not, and never will be, free of trials. When there is a crossroads, when we come to a place where the sea is on one side and those trying to kill us on the other, God always provides a way out. Our part is to follow. All men are appointed to die once but if we follow God we don't have to die the first time death shows up on our doorstep looking for us.

Karen's uncle could have just doubted and died. Or believed the doctor's report and by doing nothing allowed it to come true but he chose to believe God. The result is victory. God directed him to get surgery right away and his outcome is amazingly better than what the doctors predicted. He has his mouth, his health, and A FUTURE instead of a certain death sentence. The best part, God was there with him through it all offering comfort, direction, and amazing results along the way. By following God the doctor’s grim report was put to naught and after more than two months on Death Row, God gave him his life back!

When God makes a way of escape, a lot of times, it’s the only way. When He made a way for the Israelites to escape through the Sea, it was the only way.

If you need something, ask. Then, whatever He tells you to do, do it!


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