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Learning to follow Inspired Thoughts: I’ll take ‘Revelation Knowledge’ for $500

We’ve been talking about thoughts from the inside of us and how God inspires us with thoughts that seem like they are our own but are actually spiritual messages from God which are often meant to be shared.

Inspired thoughts from God can be an epiphany meant to help us with our own struggles, they can be a corporate message for a group, or they can spring up along with a feeling of love and compassion as a personal message to be shared with others.

If you love bringing joy to people, learning to listen to your inner thoughts is a major key to accessing spiritual treasures from the heart of God. Learning to listen to every spiritual nudge from the inside of me is my life’s passion. Ever since the day that I discovered that God speaks through inner “thoughts”, I’ve paid very close attention because I love hearing from God and I love participating in miraculous wonders. Learning to hear from God means having the privilege of sharing miraculous prophetic messages with people and participating in an uncountable number of miracle moments. Like the story below, when God uses me to deliver a personal message the outcome is almost always wonderful and it’s usually downright amazing. (And that is a lot of fun.)

The following links are just a few testimonies that are the direct result of following and delivering inspired thoughts meant for others:

When I first began learning to hear from God, I remember having the thought that inspiration is a lot like “temptation” in its mechanics. Inspiration and temptation both appear to come from ourselves (on the inside of us) but they both have their origins from a spiritual source, either God or the enemy.

When God sends an inspired thought, the thought will often keep coming back to us until we follow it or until it’s too late to follow it. If we follow it right away, the timeliness of the message is usually mind-blowing.

When it’s from God it’s Timely and Right on the Money

I was messaging my daughter when I suddenly God revealed that she had a thought to give someone $500 but hadn’t. We were in the middle of talking about something completely unrelated when I just had a subtle knowing in my heart that she had the thought to give $500 to someone. As soon as I received the message in my spirit, I completely changed the conversation by saying,

So, she sent the money to her holistic therapist, Jessica, without telling her that she was sending money.

When she didn’t hear anything back, she knew that Jessica thought that it was a hoax. So, she sent her a message saying,

‘Did you get a notification that you have $500?’

I cry every time I read this message because there is nothing like getting a specific and amazingly timely touch from God. We serve a God that is completely aware of our struggles, down to the exact dollar amount. When we learn to hear from Him and follow Him to the benefit of others, the result is priceless.

Learning to hear from Him has been such a blessing to me. There’s nothing more rewarding than to be in a position to see the miraculous things that God does for the people who love Him.

Jesus did not die to give us another religion, He died to give us a supernatural powerful relationship with God. And this is the kind of life He wants us all to live, one full of power and direct communication with Him, without religion. He wants us to live a life full of love, where we hear from Him in a very real and personal way.

Knowing God doesn’t mean joining a church or getting into a religion, it means seeking Him and knowing Him in a very personal and miraculous way.

If you don’t have that, click on some other stories and keep seeking Him until you do. And if you need it, I’m happy to help!

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  1. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah indeed Jesus Died to give us a Supernatural relationship with Our Heavenly Father but not Religion. What a powerful Grace and Love!

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