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“D” Words – The Most Accurate Dream Symbols

In order to be the most accurate dream site in the world, we have limited our dream symbol dictionary to only include dream symbols that we have seen manifest in real-life firsthand and Biblical dream symbols that have been defined in the Bible.

Dream symbols that begin with the letter “D”

Dead people – Often when someone who has died comes to us and interacts with us in our dreams the dream is about something which we will soon encounter in our waking life with respect to the family of the deceased person, can be marriage of a family member, death of a family member or a host of other events.  Dead people can also represent the unsaved – Jesus said, Let the dead bury their dead

Death – See “Death“.

Demons – See evil spirits

Dart – Dart is part of our Biblical dream symbols dictionary and it represents a demonic attack of doubt.

Dinosaur – a large issue that’s in the past…something that should be dead and gone. If you are being attacked by a prehistoric beast, it could be that satan will try and bring you down by issues from your past.

Disappearance – what disappeared?  Tornadoes disappearing into thin air – deliverance.  House disappearing – losing a house.

Disney World – Florida, fun, recreation, relaxation.

Dog – a person, a dog, or an upcoming confrontation.  See animals.  

Dog bite – A bite by any animal represents a potential injury or illness but not necessarily because of a bite by an animal.  Example: Dog bite – Kidney infection.  The bigger the dog, the bigger the problem.I dreamed of my nephew being bit by a dog and losing his hand.  The fulfillment came several months later when he received a very serious burn to his hand from a very hot iron. I dreamed of a dog biting my arm and a week later developed a kidney infection. While the dog was still clamped onto my arm, I saw another dog – far bigger and more dangerous than the one biting me.  I had an allergic reaction while suffering from a kidney infection.  Click here to read the dream and fulfillment in its entirety.

Dollars – Could mean dollars or percentage.  If it is a small number it could represent a reduction or vice versa.   If it is a large number, it could mean an increase.  See money. I had a dream of our electric bill being $50.  It had been several hundred dollars every month.  Then, I dreamed of this small bill.  The very next month, our bill was only $150 which was half of what it had been for the previous six months.

Door – entrance to your life, locked door – not allowing a thing in your life; rickety door – a weakness in your life; closing a door – closing a chapter in your life or resisting temptation.

Double-edged Sword – From our biblical dream symbols dictionary, meaning the Word of God.

Driving – The symbol for a car (automobile) often represents your waking life or reality. People in your car are people in your life or people whom you will be seeing in the near future, driving from the backseat might mean feeling out of control, a car spinning would be a car out of control, someone trying to drive your car with you in it would be a person controlling you or trying to control you,  Crashing can mean falling.

Drugs – Drugs in a dream can represent anything that you struggle with. It can be another addiction, like alcohol or cigarettes or it can be anything that causes you to lose your mental capacity or senses. It can also literally be drugs.

Drug paraphernalia -Drug paraphernalia can be evidence of drug use or evidence of something that is an issue.

Dry Bones – humility. If you dream that you are dry bones, pray for God to breathe new life into you!

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