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Water Dream Symbol

(In order to be the most accurate dream site in the world, we have limited our dream symbol dictionary to only include dream symbols that we have seen manifest in real-life firsthand, and Biblical dream symbols that have been defined in the Bible.)

Water is a VERY common theme in dreams. When interpreting a dream with water as an important part of the dream, emotions in the dream are usually crucial for
interpretation. At the end of the page is a link to other dreams of water that were interpreted and have come to pass in real-life. These can help give you an idea of what water means in a variety of dreams.

Water typically symbolizes spiritual life, gathering places of people – including online groups or a business, or a specific situation that we pass through.

Emotions define the context of the dream. Happy emotions mean the context of the dream is pleasant. Upsetting emotions foretell a future period of difficulty.

Having a dream with rain inside your home precedes a period of difficulty.

If the major theme in the dream is rain or water washing over your body which feels wonderful: cleansing, salvation, spiritual refreshing.

If calm, peaceful, refreshing and sweet, pools or wells of water: The dream is about life in the spirit, church, or ministry.

Turbulent, troubled, raging, rushing, up to your neck represents emotional turmoil. If your body is in troubled waters, it is often anxiety related to actual or perceived health situations. In a boat is often related to ministry but not necessarily health-related.

Flowing water – The flow of the Holy Spirit.

River of water – If sweet, clean, refreshing, can be life in the spirit or a river of living water.

Ocean or sea – Finding yourself in the ocean or on the sea alone could be loneliness or lack of help. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of being adrift on an endless ocean shortly before he died.

Tsunami – feeling overwhelmed, devastation.

Water that is:

  • Dirty: Trouble, problems
  • Turbulent: Fear, emotional turmoil.
  • Up to your neck and stressful: Upcoming difficulty.
  • Clean/clear: cleansing power of the blood of Christ, Salvation, life in the Spirit
  • Over your head: in over your head, overwhelmed, powerless, depression, or immersed.
  • Body of water: Note the size of the water. Ocean would represent something big or worldwide. A small pool would be a local gathering place or something on a small scale.
  • Waterfalls: If going over the falls = danger or anxiety. If watching and peaceful – beauty and tranquility.
  • White water: Out of control, turbulent period.
  • Calm, clear pool or well – Life in the Spirit or ministry, a business, or a small ministry or group.
  • Baptism – fresh start, rebirth.
  • Being raised or lifted above the water means rising above your current circumstances to a lofty position.

A beach represents the place between the spirit (water) and the natural world (land). Many people have dreams of beaches before dying. However, seeing a beach in your dreams can also represent an actual beach prior to an upcoming vacation or moving to a beach community.

Click here to read real-life examples of water dreams interpreted and the actual outcome.

If you need expert help understanding your dreams, please ask Mia in our Dream Forum. Mia has been interpreting dreams for twenty years. She has a proven track record and has helped thousands of people understand their dreams.

1 thought on “Water Dream Symbol”

  1. Calm Pool of Water Dream
    I am very new to trying to understand dreams but I am sure the Lord is talking to me in the dreams. I am just not sure what some of them mean and this is one that has me confused. Anyone that can help would
    be most appreciated.


    My dream:


    I was on a rocky cleft next to a small body of water. The water was very calm. The water was almost described as a pool but a round circle in shape. It was kind of like evening time….grey like but it was
    almost like a gray filter (like I was seeing it in grey). There was a man on the rocks I did not recognize but we were trying to figure out how to get off the cleft. At this point I looked over to my left and
    decided to dive off the cleft head first. I did, but when I did I went into the water feet first. I went down into the water and as I was going down I needed to take in air and was able to breath under
    the water. I touched bottom and then sprang back up all the way out of the water and going far above the water. My hands were still above me in a diving position.


    I have been trying to understand this dream but I am just not sure. Can anyone help?


    God bless and thanks in advance.








    The other dream reminded me of this one.


    This reminds me of the ministry dream of your husband’s.


    You both are on a rocky cliff and can’t figure out where to go from there to the pool.


    A project you are diving into……….


    You dove right in……and jumped right in, feet first.


    The guy with you isn’t sure and hangs back.


    It sounds like the flip side to your husband’s dream.


    You are ready to jump into ministry even if there is no easy way to do it and you find that you don’t drown even when the water is over your head. You are able to breathe supernaturally.


    Sounds like Laura was right on target.









    You nailed that on the head. I am the Ladies Minister at my church and I did exactly that. I’ll take that as encouragement. Thanks and God Bless.


    In His Service,



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