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Chaos, Riots & Looting

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Listen, Believe, & Follow

One night, I was awakened from my sleep when God said, "Any issue that you face can be solved by listening, believing, and following."

Afterward, I began to share that faith is not simply believing for a miracle. Faith is doing what all the fathers of faith did; namely, they knew God and followed His instructions.

In Noah's case, he built an ark. In Joseph's case, they stored grain. In Moses case, he led the Israelites out of slavery.

This understanding of faith and my relationship with God was life-changing. It is how I began to live my life. I listened, believed, and followed... and sometimes I looked as crazy as old Noah.

Looting & Riots Coming - Time to Move

But God showed me that if Noah didn't build the boat and Pharaoh didn't store the grain, they would not have had a victory. He still leads us the same way, it is up to us to follow. Faith is listening, believing, and following.

March 18, 2019 - God said it was time to move because trouble was coming..

At the time that I messaged Carol, I lived in a densely populated area and God had shown me that soon we were going to have serious problems because chaos, rioting, and looting, were going to come civil war style. He put a burden on me to prepare to remove myself from the mess, so I started planning to do exactly that. Within two months of sharing with her, God made a way for me to move. He provided everything and I moved.

My move was like when God told Joseph the famine was coming. He didn't just tell them what to do, He sent them what they needed to do it. Oh, what a great God He is

Just prior to COVID & all the looting and rioting, I was in the best place I could be. God sends the message and gives us time to prepare. He still leads us personally the same way He did for Noah and the flood, and Egypt and the famine, and Moses and the Israelites. Following Him means our welfare is His problem and He will prepare us for safety as long as we follow.