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Climbed a hill which wasn't easy.

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Praise Father God. 

In the Night I had a dream in which I was in a place which I couldn't  understand  well.  I saw many people  there as we were gonna have some rest after a certain  function.  While there,  I saw gents who were resting in wooden boxes and some people  happened to chase them from there,  it was time for me to leave that place but to leave that place,  there was a hill to climb in order to leave because  that place seemed to be down in a valley like place.  I tried the first time with difficulty  and couldn't  make it up,  then the second  time,  I climbed as I put down my Fingers  too helping me to hold on the ground  and made it up.  I passed through  a house which was on a hill and the owner was a choir leader of a ministry I serve in.  It's like she gave me good clothes then as I went out still to a road which was leading  to left and right,  I met a gentleman  who had two phones in his hands but he was heading to the left.  He gave me his phones but after touching on them,  I couldn't  follow him. He went his way and I also took the right Direction and that's how I got out of the Dream.