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Swampy area

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Praise Father God. 

In the Night I had a dream in which I saw myself  in an area which seemed a valley with swamps and Mady. While I figured out where to pass,  I saw cows which happened to pass there.  I saw as that swamp was on the left direction  as on my right a nice was a raised land.  I took the right Direction  and as I continued,  I met a young boy we continued and I saw a very very big Garden of sweet potatoes  which had over grown.  The sweet potatoes were seen come out of the ground. I was pleased and Surprised at the same time.  As I went down a slope,  I met people  who seemed ministers of God,  they called me and at that time I was with many other people  whom I couldn't  recognize  well,  After greeting them,  I saw when I was going up a slope passing through  trees as I was leading  a Cow. Later I got out of the Dream.