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"B" Words - The Most Accurate Dream Symbols

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In order to be the most accurate dream site in the world, we have limited our dream symbol dictionary to only include dream symbols that we have seen manifest in real-life firsthand and Biblical dream symbols that have been defined in the Bible. The following dream symbols begin with the letter D.

Dream symbols that begin with the letter "B":

Dream symbols that begin with the Letter "B"

“B” – The letter B can be a symbol for any word or name that beings with B. It can also represent a nickname "B" or other words that abbreviated "B". It can represent a room letter or anything else labeled "B".

Baby - Ministry, Job, Finances something time consuming, energy consuming, strong focus, an obsession, a real baby. A new creature. A child (even one who is not a baby.)See baby theme.

Baby Carriage - When you see an empty baby carriage in a dream it can symbolize no baby. A baby in a carriage can represent something that you want the world to see and that you're proud of. The thoughts and feelings that are provoked by the carriage convey the message of a dream. For example, to see you baby in a baby carriage rolling into water would cause feelings of panic. This dream is foretelling a situation in real life which causes you to feel the same way. The area of the panic will be related to your symbolic baby.

Back, Going Back - If you find yourself walking (or driving) and then you turn around and go back the way that you came, this represents represents making a change and returning to a previous place or thing. This can represent relationships that are reestablished or other things one can return to, such as a home or a career.

Back, Turned - As with most dreams, context is important. This symbol can represent what happens when your back is turned and alert you to something someone is doing behind your back or it can mean someone turning their back on you and abandoning you.

Back, Stabbed - This dream can be literal or symbolic. The symbolic meaning carries the same meaning as the well known phrase "stabbed in the back". It means to be betrayed when your back is turned.

Back, Down - If a person's back is down on the floor and the feeling in the dream is that you've overcome a situation, it means that a person will back down and you will overcome.

Back, Up - To back up in a dream or to see a person's back up can represent a need to back up or back away from something or someone.

Back, Laying - Paying on your back beneath a person can represent being in a submissive position. If you are standing over a person who you have a real life conflict with, this dream would indicate that you are going to dominate. Lying on your back can symbolize succumbing to another or it can symbolize being open and receptive to a romantic interest or to others.

Back, Looking - If you find yourself looking back in a dream, this represents longing for a previous situation or it is reflecting on the past.

Backseat - Driving from the backseat can represent trying to control a situation. Sitting in the backseat of a car which someone else is driving is situation in which someone else is in control (it can be another person or God).

Backwards, walking or driving - To drive backwards while going in the right direction is a message that you are headed in the right direction but you are going about it the wrong way. To go backwards in the opposite direction of your destination means "going backwards" in life. This dream is a message from God that changes are necessary to put you in the right direction.

Bad Feelings in a dream - The feelings in a dream give context to a dream. Your feelings are one of the most accurate parts of a dream's message. This dream is a message to be prepared for the exact same feelings from your dream to manifest in real life in the near or not to distant future.

Bag - A dream symbol of a bag can represent shopping or it can be a symbol of a group of items belonging to you. A makeup bag can symbolize a woman whereas a gameboy wallet can symbolize a man.

Baggage - Baggage can symbolize issues from your past that you carry with you. It can represent an upcoming trip. It can represent a person making a move. If a person comes to your house with bags it can represent baggage from their past, it can represent moving in, or it can represent someone coming for an extended stay.

Baggies, plastic - A container for something, a book.

Bait - To dream of bait used for fishing can represent a way to attract that which you wish to catch. The catch can be a person as in dating, or it can be a congregation or anything which you hope to catch. The context of the dream will help you understand if your bait is working for you or not.

Bald Head - To dream of losing your hair symbolizes feelings of loss. This dream can be a literal dream of hair loss but it is often a dream of personal loss, especially when the dreamer loses two locks of hair. Losing two locks of hair is related to a couple and loss of a relationship. It's important to note that this loss may be temporary even if the dream does not show a regrowth of the hair. Dreams symbolize specific moments of life which are subject to change.

Bank - To dream of a bank represents either a literal bank or at least a part of the dream is related to financial matters. It can also mean to count on, as in "I'm banking on it."

Banker - To dream of a banker is a symbol for financial matters. For example, to ride a bicycle to the top of a mountain, where your banker is standing would mean your personal effort will bring you to your financial goals.

Banquet or Buffet - Income, provision.

Basement - A basement can be a symbol of safety from a future storm. It can also represent an actual basement or symbolize a subway or other subterranean space.


A bathroom can be a place of spiritual cleansing.

Facebook and other social media are symbolized by a bathroom because of the intimate personal matters shared there.

Fixing up the bathroom - healing of a urinary tract infection.  I had a kidney infection that began as a UTI that swiftly progressed to my kidneys.  While I was sick, I dreamed that my bathroom was restored perfectly.  I knew this symbolized that I would recover soon.

Showering - can mean cleansing.  

A bathroom can represent a place that people describe as a "toilet."

Bathtub - same as above, and also a literal bathtub.

Beach - A beach has a literal meaning half of the time and a symbolic meaning half of the time.

If you live near a beach or if you dream of the news before it happens, this can be a very literal symbol. This can mean a literal beach.

On the other hand, a beach or shoreline is also a very important symbol of the meeting place of the natural world and the spiritual world. This is symbolized by the meeting of water and land which symbolizes the intersection of the spiritual world, the heavens, and earth.  

For a person to be on the shore or on a beach represents they are straddling the fence between two worlds about to leave one for another.  President Lincoln dreamed this dream the night prior to being assassinated: “I found myself in some singular, indescribable vessel approaching an indefinite shore."  In modern English:  'I was in a unique, indescribable solo vessel approaching an endless shore.'

Beads - See jewelry.

Bear - Bear market, Mighty men of war, Russia, kings, wicked ruler, predator, violent and enraged like a bear robbed of her whelps, miscarriage. Black bear - death. A bear can represent a person, especially one who is described as a teddy bear or a grizzly bear.

Bee - Actual bee.  Prophetess (from the Hebrew word Deborah), bee-lievers, industrious workers

Bee stings - Hives, acne, other skin imperfection which look like what a bee sting would look like, can be a bee sting but usually is not. Stinging comments from a bee-liever.

Bed or Couch - Contract, agreement, adultery, temptation, or a bed.

Bedroom - Engagement, intimacy, private matter, discovering something new.

Berries - To dream of berries represents fruit. Fruit can represent something that we produce, like children or reproductions of ourselves such as in those we bring into the body of Christ. It can represent fruit of the Spirit, such as patience,

Bicycle - Do dream of riding a bicycle symbolizes activities that we pursue on our own, it can represent a single life, or personal efforts that we make alone.

Bird - Can represent a person, ie. She's a strange bird. It can represent a place. A national bird can represent a specific nation. For example, an Eagle would represent the USA. A bunch of birds can represent a group of people, a flock.

Bird, of Prey: Isaiah 46:11" From the east I summon a bird of prey; a man to fulfill my purpose."; prophet, a vessel, or missionary of God.

Bird, Black - Blackbirds often are associated with death. Examples: The dream of the baker in Genesis. The blackbirds ate the bread that was in the basket on the baker's head (which symbolized the baker.) Shortly before my grandfather died my mother dreamed of blackbirds in his stomach. He was taken off liquid nutrition and starved to death.

Biting - (from the Greek word: dakno) to wound the soul, physical injury or ailment.

Bitten - If bitten by a dog, it is a fairly significant flesh wound or health issue, like an infection or a remarkable burn. If a bite is by a spider it is a small flesh wound like sticking yourself with a pin or small burn like you would receive from an oven rack.

Black - If a puppy or kitten is black it often represents a person and their skin color.

Black cloud or black swarm - illness (like the black cloud of flying gnats in the green mile).

Blood - To see blood in your dream can represent many things. The most important reference is to Christ's payment for sins. Drinking a cup of blood can represent receiving the sacrifice that Christ made for you.

Blue - God's kingdom, Ministry, sadness, spiritual, male.

Blue eyes - In dreams, the person with the most incredible blue eyes that you've ever seen is often Jesus.

Boar - Swine, pig, an unbeliever, a person.

Boat - A boat can symbolize a career or ministry. The sea is symbolic of spiritual life and a boat is a vehicle that enables us to travel through the spiritual world. A speed boat is a powerful ministry. The size of the boat relates to the size of the ministry.

Bone, Dog with - If you dream of a dog with a bone, it represents someone who will not let go. A dog with a broken bone symbolizes a situation that a person finally lets go.

Boots - See shoes.

Boss - Symbol of any boss, not necessarily the one who appears in a dream.

Bowl - A dream of a bowl represents earnings. The contents of the bowl represent the kind of earnings. A bowl filled with cake and cream would represent a very good opportunity to earn. A bowl filled with porridge would represent a modest opportunity to earn.

Box - Can represent anything that is square, like an ATM. It can represent a container. If the box opens it will reveal something that has been hidden. A container for anything, for example; Websites and books both contain information.

Bracelet - See jewelry.

Brakes - To dream of using your brakes is related to driving an automobile/car. Driving a car represents our activities and journey through life. Using the brakes or trying to stop represents a need to stop going the way that you are going.

For example, a person who dreams of driving drunk.

Bread - Bread is included in our Biblical dream symbols dictionary and means Israel, it also can mean literal bread, daily bread or manna, food, spiritual food, Israel and Israelis, a baker.

Breasts - A dream of a breast can represent intimacy or it can be calling attention to that area for health reasons.

Breaking - To dream of something breaking can symbolize a breakup. It can represent something actually breaking, like glass.

Breaking down while driving - To dream of breaking down represents a situation that could be described as a "break down". This can be breaking down of communications, a breakdown of a relationship, or a complete breakdown.

Breaking up - A dream of breaking up is often literal.

Bricks - Strong, durable, long-lasting, secure.

Bridge - Driving off the edge of a bridge - fear of lack/loss of control, lack of comfort or
stability, fear of the future, Walking on a footbridge or pier. A bridge represents a small portion of our journey through life. To see a bridge that is missing boards represents a difficult or unsafe path ahead.  The condition of the bridge represents an upcoming portion of your life. If the bridge is in good condition and easy to navigate, it represents a good period. Alternately, if the bridge is scary it represents a time of uncertainty. If the bridge is flimsy, the dream represents a time of instability. See pier. Burning a bridge represents cutting off access to other people. Building a bridge represents a new connection. Restoring a bridge represents restoring a relationship.

Brother - When we dream about a brother it can represent any person who you are close to, a member of your church or faith, or a male. Many times a person in a dream represents someone else. See people in dreams.

Bruise - To dream of a bruise represents hurt feelings or a small injury or a situation with one's health.

Bubbles - I had a dream of bubbles on each side of my cousin's body, in the area of her ribs to her hips. The bubbles were to draw my attention to an issue with her health. So I called her and shared the dream with her and she revealed that she had a UTI (urinary tract infection) that she hadn't taken care of so I warned her to get it taken care of before it became a kidney infection.

Bugs of any kind - computer bugs, virus (physical or digital), actual bugs.

Buildings - Different buildings mean many different things. A house set up on a hill represents a follower of God.

A high-rise building or skyscraper represents a place in the city or the business world.

What is the building made of? The material of the building is important to the understanding of the dream. A building made of stone represents security or a place of stability. Think of the three little pigs. The building made of brick stood up to storms and was secure but a building made of rotted wood is unlikely to last.

A stone building can also represent a church/ministry or an actual building.

A building that is falling down means insecurity or a very unstable place.

A building also gives context to a dream.

A school building can represent a place of learning. Regular members of this website and forum dream of this place as a school or university to symbolize learning here.

If the building is a church, the dream is related to a specific church, or a religion, or a group of believers.

If the building is a workplace the dream would be related to work.

A house can represent a literal home, a person, an electronic meeting place, or a relationship.

A warehouse often represents the world but can also represent a literal place to store things.

An embassy can represent ministry as followers of Christ are called to be ambassadors.

Bullets - ammunition, lack of or supply of power, also see being shot, physical illness, angry words.

Bus - To dream of a bus can be a literal meaning or it can be mean traveling, or it can mean a traveling ministry. If a school bus, it's related to a group of people and a period of time learning or it can be a literal school bus.

Buttons in your mouth: Button your lip aka hold your tongue.

If you need expert help understanding your dreams, please ask Mia in our Dream Forum. Mia has been interpreting dreams for twenty years. She has a proven track record and has helped thousands of people understand their dreams.

Featured Image: "letter B" by Leo Reynolds is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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