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"S" Words - The Most Accurate Dream Symbols

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In order to be the most accurate dream site in the world, we have limited our dream symbol dictionary to only include dream symbols that we have seen manifest in real-life firsthand and Biblical dream symbols that have been defined in the Bible.

Dream symbols that begin with the letter "S"

Salt - Love

Sanctuary or Heavenly Place - A dream from the throne of God, church.  

Sand dollars - Money

Scorpions / Scorpion bite - foretell an event with other bugs, a bite by a scorpion would be bug bites, a scorpion in your house could be a wasp, or any number of other more typical poisonous insects - ie. bees, fire ants, etc., symbol for problems see:  link below for example dream of dictionary symbol scorpions: page one, two, three….I've dreamed of seeing two scorpions, near my front door.  One year later I saw two scorpions, on separate occasions near my back door. I've dreamed of being bit by a scorpion and shortly thereafter, in the exact place that the scorpion stung me in the dream, I was bit by a bug which left an itchy bump in the exact same location.

Sea -  See water theme, indicates your ability as a “seer” if you are a sea creature, mermaid - the sea is your home..Seaweed: hampering your prophetic ministry.

Shark - Beach / boating related problem.

Shoes -  Click here for Shoe Page.

Shooting / being shot -  Physical injury.  See injury or illness.  I dreamed once that I was shot in the stomach.  Eight months later, I begun to have horrible stomach problems that sent me to emergency on three different occasions.  It was a Hiatal hernia brought on by use of antacids.  The gun shot to my stomach was a prophecy of something wrong with my stomach.

Sickness - See illness.

Shore - Can be literally a shore or the meeting of water and land which symbolizes the meeting of heaven and earth.  For a person to be on the shore or on a beach represents they are straddling the fence between two worlds about to leave one for another.

Signant ring - chosen by God, if something is sealed with a signant ring it means the situation cannot be changed

Silver coins - money

Singing - a New Song: New things to praise God about, confidently at church: You are confident in working for the Lord.

If you need expert help understanding your dreams, please ask Mia in our Dream Forum. Mia has been interpreting dreams for twenty years. She has a proven track record and has helped thousands of people understand their dreams.

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